Garden Pictures

from the Tower Grove East (South City, St. Louis, MO) backyard of Dan and Karen

March 2009 Pussy Willow Pruning Video (about a minute):
Bringing in the Bananas, Oct 2009

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April 2001, Dan mucking out the pond March 1999, KJ waterproofing, a collage.

May 2000, backyard featuring irises and lots more

March 2000 Snow: This is a special page of pix incl. a pre-snow picture, snow-sphinx, etc.

March 1999: Daffodils from almost ground level.

August 1999: Water lillies, cannas, and black-eyed susans in bloom

July 1996: The garden seen from the balcony of the duplex, a level below the above picture

March 1996: Looking down past Karen on the roof next door

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